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Bill O’Brien Firing from the Texans

After coaching the Texans for 6 years this year's season 0-4 start was the end of the road for Bill O’Brien.

From the meltdown in last year's playoff when the Texans let the Chiefs come back and win from what seemed to be an insurmountable lead, to the Texans barely winning postseason games yearly at all, and now the 0-4 season start with team leader J.J.

Watt speaking up and saying a change is needed leading to Texans pulling the plug on O’Brien. Even his offseason actions prone him to the firing, with his disagreements with star receiver Deandre Hopkins ending in O’Brien trading him away, ultimately damaging the offensive. With O’Brien’s average record in the NFL and bad locker room control will make it hard for him to find another job.


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