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Booty so Big

Chloe Bailey premiered her new song Have Mercy. If you don’t know who Chloe Bailey is by now then you better get in tune after this premiere. The young talented artist managed by Beyoncé has truly lived up to the standards of a young icon in the making. Have Mercy gives the 23 year old a chance to finally become a solo artist. As she breaks duo ties with her sister Halle Bailey, she gives not only herself but the world a peek of who she can be when shining at her fullest capacity. In her music video, Chloe gives us fashion, celebrity appearances and a ravishing theme. In her song, she talks about certain features of her body being able to seduce young men because of her attributes. Her main character theme is Medusa who captivates how powerful women are when we are in control of men. After all, she has the opportunity to stone them if she wants to. In the midst of all that fun she has guest appearances from Tina Knowles and Rome Flynn.

On Sunday September 12th, 2021, Chloe performed Have Mercy at the VMA awards in NYC where she really channeled her alter ego on stage. After her performance there was so much controversy in the media about her pretending to be something she is not, however, Chloe responded by stating that that is who she was all along. As she understood the assignment in her video and at the MTV VMA’s people were still not convinced about her. Because of this,

Chloe still has some work to do as a new solo artist however, her ability to stand on what she believes in and create powerful visuals and catchy songs will keep her in the spotlight. Have Mercy is at over 13 million views which is amazing for a new solo artist.

Back in 2015 Chloe and Halle barely got noticed by Parkwood entertainment after doing a cover to Pretty Hurts. They released two albums one in 2018 and one in 2020. The Kids are Alright and Ungodly Hour. Now as Chloe is taking on her solo act as an artist Halle is premiering in Disney Channel shows to live out her individuality.


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