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Chance the Rapper Performs at Daymond John's Black Entrepreneurs Day

New York native Daymond John, an intelligent businessman, author, and television personality, hosted Black Entrepreneurs Day. The event was presented by Chase for Business and streamed free of charge on October 24th on LiveXLive and Facebook. The event featured Game Changer Conversations, presented by The General Insurance, Daymond John interviewed some prominent black business leaders and cultural icons, including Shaquille O'Neal, Gabrielle Union, Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, Robert Johnson, among many others. Then Angela Yee hosted the musical performances, with Chance the Rapper and Questlove as the main event. Also, there was the Robinhood Roundtable, an exclusive conversation with Dwayne Wade and Daymond John about investing in your future. Not to mention the 10 black business owners who were chosen to receive $25,000 - no strings attached.

When Chance the Rapper and Questlove took the stage, everyone was starstruck. The performance opened with 3 exquisite vocals (Jabari Rayford, Rachel Robinson, Darius Scott) singing, “You are my only one” acapella, as the camera panned around the room. Then all the instruments came in, and Chance the Rapper was seen sitting next to the singers getting hype and repeatedly saying, “yeah! yeah!” Then he went right into Get a Bag off his “The Big Day” album; Jabari Rayford, Rachel Robinson, and Darius Scott sang adlibs/harmonized with him on the pre-chorus. During the second chorus, Chance the Rapper stood up and danced for a little bit; he then found a curtain that led to another room, and then the music started to fade. Once he was entirely in the other place, the screen went black and white, and he began to perform U Got Me F****d Up off his “10 Day” album. After the song ended, Chance the Rapper walked through another curtain, and on the other side, the screen went back to color, and he began to perform his verse from Judas by Spillage Village, JID & Ari Lennox. Jabari Rayford, Rachel Robinson, and Darius Scott all came back to sing the chorus from Judas by Spillage Village, JID & Ari Lennox.

He then stayed in the same room, and the music for his 2018 single 65th & Ingleside began and went right into “I can spare a rib to get my baby back.” He ended the song with, “A simple old rule for your business life, simple plan for your business life, you gonna need a business partner, you gonna need a partner, you gonna need a life partner, that’s just advice for your business life.” He stayed in the same room and ended the performance with a bang, performing Found a Good One (Single No More) from his “The Big Day” album. During this final song, he danced and grooved to the music with a smile on his face, and some colorful lights even flashed around the room.

This was truly an uplifting and celebratory event praising all black businesses & entrepreneurs. If you missed out on this historic event, it can still be found on the Black Entrepreneurs Day Facebook page.


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