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Chrisean Rock and Blueface are Expecting!

Chrisean Rock and Blueface's names spend a lot of time in the news cycle, mainly because of the drama that surrounds their on and off again relationship status. I usually expect to see them go back and forth on Twitter or Instagram stories, but their recent public communication was unlike any other. This time, they were talking about BABIES

This weekend, Chrisean posted an image of three positive pregnancy tests with tearing up emojis and the words "Guess how many beats?" Fans immediately started speculating that this was her way of announcing her pregnancy to the world and they were correct! Chrisean is pregnant! She posted video clips of her hospital visit and shared that the process has been overwhelming for her, mainly because she made the decision to actually go through with the pregnancy.

On social media, there are mixed responses to the pregnancy announcement. Some users were excited, thinking that this will calm Chrisean down and give her stability. Others were shocked and worried, due to the volatile nature of the relationship with Blueface. To make matters even more tense, Chrisean and Blueface went back and forth on Twitter after the pregnancy announcement. Blueface claims that that the baby isn't his and he won't claim the child until he sees a DNA test. Chrisean refutes his statements by saying that she hasn't been with anyone else since they broke up.

It's not new for this couple to publicly talk about their relationship issues on the internet, but I hope that this new chapter in their lives (technically Blueface's second chapter, since he already has a child) will encourage them to think of the baby, keep their drama offline, and hopefully take a lot of time apart so that they can work on themselves.


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