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Clothing platforms to sell your clothing

You don’t want clothes in your closet collecting dust nor taking up space. However, you don’t want to throw clothes away that are in good shape. There are a lot of people in this world that need clothes and don’t have any because they don’t have enough money to buy any and/ or believe going into the store and purchasing clothes is too expensive. Other individuals go thrift shopping, in which you can find a lot of clothes or brand name clothes for a cheaper price. When selling your old clothes, you need to look through all the clothes you are getting rid of, wash them, make sure they are in good condition. If they are missing any buttons or zippers get that repaired.

Posh Mark is an ideal platform in which you can sell your inventory quickly, however be aware of commission fees on these sites. Posh Mark products under $15 dollars gives you $2.95, while products $15 and over allows for 20% commission.

Another online platform to sell your clothes on is Tradesy, and word is that sells are a lot slower compared to other sales platforms. Products under $50 will give the individual $7.95. On the other hand, products $50 and over will allow for 19.8% commission to be made.

Another online clothing platform that’s personally my favorite, having nice items from jewelry to home décor, is Etsy! It is so easy to navigate, and Etsy is so popular with 5 million active sellers. The way to gaining an audience on Etsy is through professional and quality photography, selling quality clothing like vintage clothing, and consistency!


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