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Everything Men Can Do, Women Can Do Too!

If it's one thing that keeps little girls inspired, it's women who do things that are often looked at as a man's job. Sarah fuller has made history as being the first woman to play in the Power 5 Challenge football. She sent a powerful message to every little girl who may have been watching, as she played with her ponytail swinging out her helmet.

For Sarah to be able to play this game is not only important to the people she had an impact on, but especially important to her since she had to go through some brutal obstacles to get there.

Yahoo sports said “The struggle behind Fuller’s story may be the most powerful part, lost in the sudden fame and barrage of Instagram likes. While the world saw her kick on Saturday, they didn’t see everything it took for her to reach that moment. While the call from the football office was spontaneous, her years of grit put her in position.

Fuller struggled with broken feet at varying points in her career, including redshirting her first season. She overcame the cold collegiate reality at a high-academic institute like Vanderbilt that

straight-A students in high school can see Cs appear on their report card. She called losing weight “difficult” and noted that failing the Vanderbilt soccer conditioning test was an annual tradition she couldn’t avoid. “There were a lot of tears,” she said. “A lot of crying on the phone with my dad.”

A lot of people see the shine but don’t know that there was a storm a person had to overcome to get there. Sarah Fuller has been able to be inspiring in all aspects and definitely someone that deserved to make history.

“Fuller loved during pre-COVID times when there’d be a dozen young girls waiting after Vanderbilt soccer games for selfies and autographs. Her stage has grown to where that number has grown exponentially, and she’s hoping that her football moment can help draw more

attention to women’s collegiate athletics.

And as she has inspired her heroes and become one herself, Fuller is ready to make a difference with the entire arc of her career. “I’m passionate about my story and all that I’ve been through,” she said, “and I have a good message for those who may be struggling, not just in sports, but with obstacles in life.”

We are excited to see what else she has in store for this season although her next game is postponed, but that only gives her more time to prepare that powerful kick!


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