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Kai Rose's New Single "Non Stop"

Kai Rose grew up watching her father and older brother pursue rap careers, she eventually started writing poetry and producing beats for others. But once she was 13 years old, she decided to make her own music and began rapping and singing. She battled through a lot of hard times at a young age, she even had to live in a hotel room with her entire family at just 15 years old. However, after years of grinding she caught a break with an A&R who took a chance on her. She was flown out to Charlotte, North Carolina where her beats were featured in short films/small projects.

Kai Rose then began taking paid trips as a motivational speaker for less fortunate children. She continues to thrive as an independent artist and even started her own label in January 2019 with one other team member titled "DA WAV LLC" acronym for (Detroit Artist...WE ARE VIBES). Her talents have been showcased on numerous platforms including Underground Summer Jamz, Fox 2 News, 107.5, and many more. She aspires to “encourage, enlighten, and uplift someone's spirit, so that they may feel confident enough to choose the path to pursue their heart's desire to be greater.”

On August 7, 2020, her latest single "Non Stop" was published on YouTube. It’s a HUXL Republic film, the Videographer/Director was Dollah Jones, and the lead was Dj Hollywood. Her sharp harmonious vocals over the rich and mellow instrumental come together effortlessly, bringing originality to the played-out topic of love. She opens the song with “Getting hot and heavy, it's difficult, He got me feeling different, Contemplating if I should let you go, Emotions to the ceiling.” She details her romantic experience with a guy in such a unique style that brings a new outlook to the outdated topic. In the video, she is filmed in a mysterious red/pink lit room filled with smoke where she sings and dances. She sings “Our bodies intertwined got me fired up… f**k all this indecision make your mind up” as she makes gestures in a guy's face. Later in the video, she is seen in front of a half pink and half blue brick wall rapping “You always going left when I’m pulling right, Can’t pick up the phone but can pick a fight…” The video then cuts to a black area with fog and her rapping in the guy’s face with a spotlight behind them. Throughout the song, she sings “My love for you is Non Stop, My love for you is Non Stop” which sheds light on the fact that even though they've been through tough times the love won’t ever fade.

As Kai Rose continues to grab people’s attention, she remains a star to watch. Her fresh take on repetitive topics is worth a listen, her music is available on all musical platforms. Check her out!


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