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Like Father, Like Son: The Woods

As many people still find ways to cope with the pandemic , the Woods has found even more family time in what seems to be their favorite sport, Golf. Earlier this week , 12 year old Charlie woods “served as the main attraction for a professional golf tournament “ said

From the looks of it, he is following in his father's footsteps and starting young! There are not a lot of kids who play golf, at least not as many that play football , basketball and soccer. Charlie is good at the sport which is almost expected being as though his father is one of the greatest to ever play. If he continues to play, he may take his father's place. Charlie is not often in the media, and when he was, it was for looking exactly like his father in a video and doing his fathers signature gesture. This was definitely a great way to show the world who Charlie Woods is. It is expected that Tiger was teaching his son under the spotlight which is why it was more of a shock. Some fans were not impressed because they wanted to watch professionals play.

His appearance was a shock to some, but the way he played was a surprise as well. He played very well , SB nation reported “Charlie Woods eagled the third hole, a par five, using only his own shots. Woods, playing from tees that were considerably closer than the adults, drove the ball into fairway, then blasted a five-wood from 175 yards out onto the green inches away from the hole. He drained the putt to complete the eagle.” said in a statement “Charlie was the draw, to be sure. Tiger Woods and his son took over social media, with several PGA Tour videos racking up tens of millions of views. Viewers clamored for more live television coverage, and even on a football-filled weekend, a relatively unknown two-man scramble brought plenty of eyeballs to the golf world. Was it all too much? But now, with the benefit of a couple days’ distance, I’m left with a distinctly different impression than I expected: that the entire event was a huge success. Of all the imperfect ways to introduce Charlie Woods to the world, this one was likely the most perfect.” Fans hope to see Charlie more often in the future and hopefully with a successful gold career.


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