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Ludacris’ New Timbaland Produced Record "Found You" features Chance the Rapper

The powerhouse icon, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges is finally back with some new heat! Ludacris said "I just want to keep flooding fans with quality feel-good music, especially during these times” and he didn’t disappoint. In celebration of his birthday, the Grammy award-winning artist released his highly anticipated single “Found You.” The track was produced by the one and only Timbaland and features the esteemed Chicago rap star Chance the Rapper.

Sadly, there is no music video for the song yet, but fans are hopeful for one to drop soon. “Found You” is a vibrant and upbeat love song detailing his love and attraction for a beautiful woman. Ludacris has 2 verses while Chance the Rapper sings the chorus in this female empowering song. No curse words or derogatory terms were used, no sex was discussed, and no objectification of women, this was just true affection which is rarely found in music today.

The fact that such prominent artists took the time to create such positive music about women with no negativity is commendable. Ludacris begins the song and sets the tone with these flattering lines “God's creation, no filters, no imitation, observations, consistent, you're amazing, so fine, wishing that you were mine, but know that I'm quite patient.” followed by Chance the Rapper’s raspy and soulful chorus “So soft, so soft to the touch, type love that cause fools to rush, type love that comes in the clutch… I was lost but you brought me right back.” The song is pure love and admiration for women with an interesting flow, fun rhyme scheme, and warm tones throughout.

With such devastation and uncertainty in the world right now, a little pick me up from Ludacris and Chance the Rapper is the perfect thing to brighten your day! So if you haven’t heard this sensational song already be sure to check it out on all musical platforms.


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