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Meagan Good’s First Directorial Debut "If Not Now, When"

Meagan Good

Whenever we hear Meagan Good, we automatically think about her work as an actress, but what about as a director? Well, now she has a new title under her belt. Good, will be co-directing a new movie alongside Tamara Bass called “If Not Now, When.” Good and Bass share a production company called “Krazy Actress Productions”. The two previously worked on a short web series titled “All That Matters”, which tells the story of Joy and Kevin, a newly engaged couple who are also very optimistic. When Rochelle, Joy’s sister, disappears and leaves her 5 year old daughter at Joy’s office, Joy and Kevin’s life gets turned upside down. The series debuted on World Star Hip Hop and earned over 25 million views. In terms of motivation behind this new career, Good stated, “I wanted to be a part of making films that inspire others the way that I was inspired…to make movies that take people on a journey, and tell a story that ultimately makes us love ourselves a little bit more.”

“If Not Now, When”, is a sisterhood drama that is based on four women, Suzanne (Good), Patrice (Bass), Tyra and Deidre, who have been friends since they were 14. Throughout the course of their friendship they experience fights and disagreements that cause them to become distant. Fifteen years later, a tragic event causes all of them to come together. Bass was quoted as saying, "I wrote this movie because we are committed to telling stories that showcase diversity, and to doing our part to create more leading roles for women of color”.

Mekia Cox (Once Upon a Time) and Meagan Holder (Pitch) will lead alongside Good and Bass as Tyra and Deidre (although it has not been confirmed who will play which role). Valarie Pettiford (Being Mary Jane), Edwin Hodge (Six), Kyle Schmid (Six), McKinley Freeman (Hit the Floor), Niles Fitch (This is Us) and Todd Williams (Good Behavior) are just a couple of other stars that will also play in the movie.

Good and Bass have created an Indiegogo Campaign for the fans to get involved. With this campaign they hope to raise $750,000 to help with the production of the movie. In a recent video, Good and Bass created to gain support for the film, Bass stated, “Leveraging a crowdfunding campaign to raise capital for our film not only allows us to maintain creative control, but also gives the fans a chance to weigh in on what types of movies they want to see and support." Through the Indiegogo Campaign, they raised over $28,000 to help fund the movie. For more information, you can watch their pitch video or click the link.


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