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Megan Thee Stalltion + TIME Magazine

25-year-old rapper, Megan Thee Stallion graces the cover of TIME Magazine as she headlines “The 100 Most Influential People”

With her song of the year “WAP” along with raptress Cardi B, Megan has shown how to own the rap game.

Recently she debuted a totally free concert, filmed in Colorado amid a horrific pandemic.

Megan is featured in a full-on photoshoot with outdoor backgrounds. If you know Meg well, you know that she is big on environmentalism.

Last summer, Meg announced the first ever “Hottie Beach Clean Up” on Santa Monica Pier in California. Over the past 2 years Megan Thee Stallion has been on the all-time rise giving us consecutive content and hits.

Megan has used her platform to influence many people. She has encouraged young women that getting a college degree and being in the rap game IS possible and attainable.

I believe that she has shown tremendous growth as an artist and influencer and I personally applaud her strength through it all. It is truly admirable.


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