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MoneyBagg Yo Releases New Album "A Gangsta's Pain"

On April 23, 2021 highly anticipated album “A Gangsta’s Pain” was released by Moneybagg Yo and since then earned the rapper his first number one album on the Billboard top 200 chart.

The Memphis native delivered a combination of a 22 track album filled with a variety of different vibes and occasional old school beats. Featured on his album is Kaash Paige, Pharrell, Polo G, Lil Durk, BIG30, Future, and Jhené Aiko along with creative producers that were able to develop this album.

Moneybagg Yo’s newest album is a more personal album which he told the Breakfast Club in an interview. The album verbally and musically displays his trial and tribulation before becoming a celebrity, relationship drama, and also the drama of the rap industry.

“It’s what I’m going through in my personal life, in my real life,” he noted. “I’m letting the world know, like you ain’t the only one going through something. I been giving my fans the gangsta music… but then I come with the pain. I seen the worst. I been through the worst,” said Moneybagg Yo on the Breakfast Club in an interview.

Throughout the album, there is even an interlude dedicated to his children and also a track filled with a few voicemails from his kids expressing their love for him and how much they miss him. Moneybagg Yo continues to express himself as a top contender for many awards while establishing himself as a rapper and icon.

“A Gangsta’s Pain” can be found on all musical platforms and streaming services, be sure to check out his new album.


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