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Must have beauty product for hot weather

This summer is extremely hot for no reason!! However, we all still want to enjoy our long nights on the beach and cruise trips. Therefore, these products are some of my favorite that are not only long lasting on the skin but a little goes a long way!!

  1. Black Girl Sunscreen. Yes, even black people need sunscreen.

2. Sol de Janeiro lotion set keeping you fresh and smelling good all day !!

3. Milk Hydro Grip Primer gives the girls face all summer long, with a glowy dewy look, it keeps your makeup from sweating off in this heat.

4. One Size Until Dawn Setting Spray will leave your make up flawless, with all this sun this is what you want!

5. BB Face Antiperspirant Saver Gel for the girlies who sweat around their nose area is really a life saver.

6. DHC Oil Blotting Paper for the oily faces out there this is your life saver!! you should not think twice if you come across this product.

7. Carrot Soap and Carrot Lightening Gel. This product allowed me to be able to wash my face everyday without drying out my skin or getting rid of the good oils that help your skin from breaking out. Additionally, the gel takes time but if you stay consistent your dark areas on your body will fade away!

8. La Roche Posay moisturizer will have your skin feeling soft and smooth from dusk till dawn!

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