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Our fashion influencer of the month

Alexxis fashion influencer

From TikTok to Instagram to Pinterest, searching for inspiration for the next time you get a new hairstyle to your first day of school outfit, who do you look at when you are seeking inspiration ? My favorite Fashion influencer as of right now is @alexxishb on Instagram and TikTok; she styles in a colorblock streetwear fashion. I love the way she dresses because it matches my personality and it is always a new unique look every day. Some pieces she wears you would never think to put together, but she sure does make an outfit look its best. I believe she came up because a lot of individuals who can dress "gate keep". However, Alexxis has a whole link to note where each of the pieces that she wore comes from as she states "so we can all be fly together." Some people would love to dress in the streetwear aesthetic, but just don't know how or where to start so this definitely helps a lot of people who are inspired by the way she dresses. Additionally, Alexxis is an entrepreneur with her own styling brand called Ahbarchives . Alexxis loves dressing and you can tell styling and fashion is definitely her hobby and she wants to spread the flyness to others! 


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