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"Truth Hurts"

After 12 games of Carson Wentz leading the NFL in turnovers, the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to utilize their second round pick of Jalen Hurts to make his rookie starting debut in their Week 14 game against the New Orleans Saints.

The decision was prolonged due to understanding of injury, as well as the simple fact that the Eagles just signed Carson Wentz to an expensive contract and they intend to get their money’s worth. However, with the NFC East lead being close heading towards the end of the season to see who will be the winner to make the playoffs makes the decision a bit more urgent.

The quarterback change brings a different presence to the offense and

also what the coaches hope to create a spark as well. Jalen Hurts did just that as his confidence in the pocket as well as his quick decision making was more efficient than Wentz had been in past weeks. The Eagles won the game 24-21 as Jalen Hurts had great stats for a rookies first start with 167 yards passing with 1 touchdown and 106 yards rushing. The defense played more aggressive, receivers were getting more separation and making plays, and the running game was effective throughout the whole game.

Now with the productivity of Hurts raises the question: do the Eagles finish the season and move on with Hurts, another example of the productive black quarterback of today, or go back to the original plan of Wentz being the future?


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