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Will Jordan Drops ‘Be Good’ EP and "Back To Me" Video

Will Jordan is a 3x Platinum Grammy-Nominated R&B Singer, he was raised in a rough area of Tacoma and grew up as one of six kids in a musical family. Even though his family was very musical, they didn’t encourage him to pursue music. Jordan doubted himself “I wasn’t the best singer, so I started playing the drums more, but in my heart, I wanted to sing” he stated. He started using singing as a way to vocalize the emotions he couldn’t communicate otherwise. He kept all his musical talents in the church until after high school when he began to upload his songs, create his own beats, and he even took a job as a studio engineer. After spending some time in the music industry and just staying afloat, Jordan heard he may become a father. So he gave himself a three-month deadline (hit it in the music industry or walk away). Luckily, A&R executive Tommy Rotem sent him some positive feedback during that time and signed him to Beluga Heights (Warner Brothers) as a songwriter. He was now being sought after by big record companies like Atlantic, Columbia, Def Jam, and RCA to sign as an artist. However, instead of settling for contracts with big companies, he decided to take the independent route. That gave him time to find his voice and on his latest EP ‘Be Good’ you can clearly hear his unique vocals all throughout.

On October 13, 2020, Will Jordan dropped his latest EP ‘Be Good’ which features 8 banger songs (Be Good, Good Love, Back To Me, Hold On to Me, Deep, You Say, After You, Good Bye). “Be Good”, “You Say”, and “Back To Me” are the top streamed songs from the EP. The music video for “Back To Me” was released on YouTube on September 25, 2020. The music video was directed by Luca Pizzoleo, produced by Andre Simmons/E. Jones, string arrangement by Phillip Peters, and the song was mixed by Charles Hopper. The music video has E. Jones, Amber Navran, Don Benjamin, Amalla Okaro, Dre Dupre, and Raz Fritz as actors. The music video opens with Will Jordan stating “I just wanna be able to make music full time” and then his boss hands him a pizza to deliver. He gets to the apartment commons to deliver the pizza and sings until he knocks on the door. A man answers the door and the same girl Jordan has a picture of in his car comes from inside the house and gives him a tip (awkward). He goes back to the car and sits inside sulking but then the girl comes down and taps on his car’s window, he gets out and confronts her. As he drives off the music begins to play, and as he sings memories/flashbacks of their relationship display on the screen. Then it cuts to the present with her sitting with the other man and Jordan going to a secluded spot, then texting the girl “I’m here.” Later in the video, a security guard taps on Jordan’s car window and tells him he can’t sleep here. So he starts the car and drives off then the video ends. The song is a soulful, heartfelt, love song detailing how even though she has moved on, Jordan believes she still thinks about/dreams of him. Jordan sings “I hope he breaks your heart and you’d come running back to me girl.” Which is such an important part of the song and tells a big story in just a few words. This song is very honest/relatable and describes a real-life breakup, the music video definitely takes it to another level.

Will Jordan is a phenomenal artist climbing to the top and you should absolutely check out his latest EP ‘Be Good’ available on all musical platforms. Also, don’t forget to watch the music video for “Back To Me” on YouTube.


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