is how you feel

inside , and it

reflects in your eyes

it is not something physical.

-Sophia Loren

Self-Love is the Best Love!

Ladaysha Wiggins

Words of the great rapper J. Cole “Love yourself girl, or nobody will!” Often, we as human

beings pour so much of ourselves into others, or we give those we claim to love the most time

and energy. Then when things go wrong we are left feeling empty or feeling that no one cares

and loves us. I am a strong believer in loving myself first before loving someone else. How can

you love another person whole- heartedly without loving what is staring back at you in the


I literally had to learn how to love myself. I had to learn to love everything that God blessed me

with. I began to work on my insides first but simply identifying what are my insecurities. Once I

figured what I disliked the most about myself, I would then tell myself I love it. For instance, I

am self-conscious about my skin because my face breakouts out badly periodically. When your face

has a break out instead of being sad and thinking I do not look pretty. I touch my face and say

to myself “I love you, and you are still beautiful.” This may sound crazy but it helps me feel

good about myself.

I encourage you as the reader to start your day off by going to the mirror completely naked.

Yes, I did say naked! Look at your body. Now tell yourself you are beautiful. Say it “I am

beautiful.” Now go get ready for your day, yet as you travel through the day speak no evil. Do

not say anything negative to yourself about yourself. One day I witnessed a friend of mine call

herself stupid multiple times because she did something she felt was not smart. You may think

that’s not a big deal but what you say to yourself repeatedly, you will begin to believe it. So

instead I say “I’m so smart,” or “I can!” Also, can’t should never be in your vocabulary. You can

do all things that you put your mind to.

Believe it or not, what we say to ourselves affects us. That’s why it is so imperative to speak

positivity upon ourselves and one another. The energy we put out is what we will receive,

which is laws of attraction.

Self-love is not something that can be worked on in one day. It is a task that should be practiced

every day you wake up. The more you identify your weakness begin to work on it so it can be

your strength which in return will help you become more confident. I have faith that you my

reader will be empowered to start this self-love journey as soon as possible.


Tamara Waobikeze

There are lots of products we ladies want in the world, from clothes to makeup to shoes, etc. We always want what we can't have, but today it changes. I am going to tell you 5 different products that you MUST have. They might be a little costly, but they are MUST HAVES in the beauty industry. So don't trip. I'm here for you!

Alexis Scott
 Jackson State University

 "Wearing makeup is always fun. You get to switch up look often, but don't forget to take care of your skin as well. Clean, wash, mask and/or exfoliate, then moisturize!"

Ig: @littlelexilove


Kylie Cosmetics vs. Colourpop

Both companies have great products, but when

it comes to price, Coulourpop’s $6 liquid lipsticks vs. Kylie’s for $18 are hard to compare. Both products are made in the same factory so they’re virtually the same, justdifferent price points.

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White Nail Season

Spring time is the perfect season to pop out with white nails and toes! What lady doesn’t love going to the nail salon and having a fresh white paint job? Now, it might not be the smartest idea to paint your nails white if you love to beat your face being that the residue from the makeup will stain the polish. However, white toes are definitely ALWAYS a go!White toes set the mood for the spring for me. Honestly, I feel like white toe season is year round! White polish makes your skin glow differently and look super smooth. Fresh long white nails will have you looking and feeling like a boss for sure, especially when the nail shape is sharp and straight. How does white nail polish you make you feel?

Women of African descent are going against the odds paving a way for women of color to be unstoppable and successful within the modeling industry. One model that has apologetically gone against adversities and has been successful at modeling is Maria Borges. Borges is a 24-year-old Angolan native. The 5’11 goddess broke all the rules by being one of the first black woman to walk Victoria’s Secrets 2015 fashion show with a natural coiled Afro.

Borges is now one of the newest faces of L'Oreal.  She definitely raised diversity in beauty standards. “This means the world to me,” Borges said in a press release from the L'Oreal . “I believe in the beauty of diversity and the empowering message that a girl who started from the bottom can become an international beauty symbol. And be living proof that our dreams are valid and the future ahead of us is bright. Thank you L'Oreal Paris, we’re all worth it.”

Borges also modeled for many different major designers and companies such as: Chanel, Balm in, Givenchy, & Target. Borges continues to be an impeccable model showcasing her natural beauty.

LITTLE Did You Know!

It's a Lash Thang 

Lashes are in at all times! Even if you’re going for a natural look, lashes now-a-days make a look, “a look”. If you’re trying to skip the hassle of putting on eyelash strips and just want to transform your natural lashes into dramatic extensions, here is a list of the top three best mascaras. “Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara” takes the cake for number one. This mascara goes for $23.00 and can be purchased at Sephora, Ulta, and even sometimes Macy’s if they have a Too Faced” makeup section. The name definitely speaks for itself; indeed it is better than sex! A lot of women probably have dibbled and dabbled into the Benefit cosmetics line, but save your money “They’re real!” mascara, does not make them look as real as Too Faced!

Here is a comparison above.

If you’re on a budget, and looking for an affordable mascara, Maybelline Colossal Big Shot is your go-to. The mascara runs for $7.99 and can be purchased at almost any drugstore, including Target and Walmart.

Last but of course not least, Smashbox: X Rated.  This mascara is bomb! It runs for $24.00 and you can purchase at Sephora, Ulta, or Macy’s


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