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The Divah Filez sat down with upcoming producer Xay to talk about his music journey, aspirations, and future plans. Originally from Houston, Xay has built a small audience through family and friends but is looking to display his music on a much larger scale. His main goal in his music is to showcase love, however possible. Using music as a spiritual and healing tool, Xay is determined to take the minds of his listeners to higher heights. With his upcoming album release LuvFrmHear, he hopes his music will pull listeners in causing them to feel the emotions he felt while creating this project. He wants his music to speak for itself. This is only the beginning for him. He realizes he still has so much more to do and won’t stop until it's done. Check out part one of the interview below and make to listen to his album LuvFrmHear debuting later this month! 


For those who may not know, tell us who you are?

My name is Xay. I’m an aspiring producer out of Houston, Texas.

What made you decide to get into music?

Music was my first love. I remember laying on my mother's bedroom floor listening to all her old cds. It was a lot of Sade, Mary J. Blidge and Prince. Sade was always my go to. My sophomore year of high school I made a big move to Denver, Colorado and here is where I got deep into it. That’s when I first got into Tupac and all the artists I look up to now. I started doing research on what was behind the music that these artists were making. Once I found J. Cole his music just let me down the labyrinth of what people call hip hop. He would always mention he made his own beats. Before then, it never struck me how music was actually made. I used to think whoever’s voice I heard on the song or whoever’s name was in the title was who did all the music. It blew my mind when I discovered all the BTS work that went into all the creation. Ultimately I heard J. Dilla’s “Don’t Cry” and from that point on I knew this was something I really wanted to do.

Who/what is your inspiration?

I am inspired by so many icons, I’d be naming folks for days. I’d say my top five influences for just producing music would be Tyler, the Creator.. Dilla.. 40.. Timbland.. and Big Krit. 


What is your vision for your music? Goals?

My vision is just to spread love through vibrations. I want you to be able to listen to my music and know that love exists. I want you to know that God exists. All I want in return from whoever listens to my music is love because that’s all I’m giving out. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10?

I see myself in the greatest position God's gonna set me in. I’ve been on a long journey up to this point and I know confidently I have an even longer road ahead of me.  

Describe your music? What makes it different than everyone else's? Why should we listen to it?

My music is spiritual. When I create something I listen back like where did this even come from? How did I make this? I believe all the energy I put into my music, I receive from the most high. I’d describe it as slightly psychedelic with a mix of soul or vice versa. If you’ve ever been depressed in any way you should listen to my music. I promise it’ll help heal whatever you’re going through. 

Why did you choose that specific genre?

I’ve had a love for hip hop for so long. It wasn’t even a thought out choice. It chose me.

Who are some artists you look up too? Artists you’d like to work with? 

J. Cole, Knxwledge

Do you have a specific audience you want to broadcast to?

All my loners out there. I love you.

What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to your musicality? Does it help with the creative process for coming up with new music?

Movies. I love visual art and creation. Watching a vision created by someone else takes me on a trip I can’t even explain. I keep The Aviator and any Studio Ghibli movie I wanna see that day playing in the background while I create.

How do you plan to draw in your listeners? Especially since a lot of people are not familiar with you right now.

I want my listeners to gravitate towards me. I make music for myself and at the end of the day, I want the listener to enjoy it on its own but I want you to know there is a specific story I put into the music. If you can understand that story then my music is meant for you.

What is coming in the future for you? For the fans?

I have a notebook full of ideas and plenty of tapes that are already done that I’m waiting to put out. My newest release is coming October titled, LuvFrmHear. This project is super special to me. I started working on it in 2015 and its been finished since 2017 so I’m really excited to be putting it out for everyone to hear.


For those who want to follow you, what all your social media info and where we can find your music?

@xaydreams everywhere. Look for my music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


Any last thoughts?

Love yourself. Track 8

Listen to "Winters Night Blues Vol. 1 below on SoundCloud to get a taste of what the new album will be like. And be sure to stream Luv4rmHear October 11th! 

                                                                                                                                      -Deszane' Flowers

XayDreams  "Luv4rmHear"

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 "Winter Night Blues Vol. 1"


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