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The People's Politics

You're not so bling by patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or who says it. - Malcolm X

Written By: Nyle S.

Late Friday, the Delaware State Hornets named Wilma Mishoe as their 11th President

effective July 1st."


Written By: Katie R.

“The tragic event brings unity towards all, many still look for the proper way to grieve and to find peace."

Written By: Deja S.

“FAMU is the first HBCU to have an accredited Department of Campus Safety and Security."

Written By: Allisa S.

"As expected and highly demanded, Florida legislation quickly starts to tackle the issue of Gun Control. State Senators signed off on a few bills that will help relieve pressure."

Written By: Deja S.

"Hampton University is currently in the spotlight for upholding the standard of excuses."

By: Allisa S.

"President Trump announced his Historically Black and Universities initiative as he and his administration prioritize predominately black institutions."

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