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Divine scouting

Who We Are

Divine Scouting is the perfect blend of business and growth. It is the perfect partnership between two positive entities seeking to become one. We are a creative collective seeking to help parties come together, work together and build together. We work diligently to ensure that we create the perfect business relationship. We are your liaison to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Who We Target

Both High School students & students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). It is important that students get the opportunity to obtain hands on experiences in their chosen fields. 

What We Do For The Intern Seeker

We locate interns for companies seeking extra help and seeking to mold the next generation through paid internships, non-paid internships and community service. We provide a two week intense intern training for the interns prior to being released to the seeker. We reach out to institutions and students to find the perfect match for you. We match them according to your need and what you seek for your business. We offer both online and physical interns.

Types of Interns we have?

Business Administration

Human Resource Management



Marketing/ Social Media


Business Communications


Art Major

African American Studies


Graphic Design


What is the Intern Seeker responsible for?

Seekers are responsible for travel (if needed), payment (if applicable with the intern), issuing payment, and making communication with DS.

What is DS responsible for?

We manage their progress, maintain correspondence with school, issue disciplinary actions, track time, manage their work load and any other tasks that you need done.

What does the Internship Training consist of?

Much like any job readiness training the Intern Training will consist of the following:

  • Communications Skills

  • Time Management Skills

  • Deadline and Response Skills

  • Confidentiality and Protocol

  • Team Work and Responsibility

Interns must complete two weeks training and pass training with 90% or high in order to intern.


What this service is expected to do?

We are here to make things easy for you by taking on a task that you may not have time to do. We ease the pressure of finding the perfect person for you.

How to get started?

Complete the intern seeker profile and submit it. Once submitted we will have an interview about what you are seeking and see how we can be of service. Once interviews are completed the turnaround time is 1-2 months including scouting and training.

**For ambassadors there is NO training. You must complete the Google documents before moving forward. The Google documents are crucial.**

How much does this service cost?

Includes- Matching your profile with an intern that possesses the qualities that you are seeking, completing the first round of interviews, and Reviewing and fixing resumes.


1-10 Interns- $1,000.00

Monthly Maintenance: ($300.00 optional)

Includes- Maintaining progress, weekly reports, weekly communication, intern replacement, tracking time, and communication with schools.


All Payment services open.


Case Studies:

Name: The Divah Filez

Company Start: January 2014

Company Type: An online Blog ran by HBCU students

Peak Interns: 40

Staring duration: 1 Year

Current duration: Yearly

Highest Social Media Stats: Instagram: 36K

Website Peak Status: Over 1 million.

Name: Mya's mentoring

Company Start: August 2013

Company Type: Mentoring Program

Peak Interns: 14

Starting duration: 7 semester

Current duration: Yearly

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