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Where is Nick Gordon: Family Claims He Hasn’t Tried To Visit Bobbi Kristina - Deszane F.

After everything that has already gone wrong with Bobbi Kristina’s life, another shocker has just surfaced. Many claims stated that Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s longtime boyfriend was banned from the hospital room by Brown’s family. He was not allowed to see her while she was in a coma and the family even went as far as getting a restraining order put on him as reports say. Now the family has come out and said that Nick Gordon has never tried to visit Brown in the hospital. So they would have never had the chance to put a restraining order on him if so. Gordon also claims the family threatened to put their “hands on him” if he tried to visit her. There have been many photos of Gordon standing outside of Brown’s Atlanta hospital, but in light of all that’s happening, that’s all he’s been doing. He is also a prime suspect in Brown’s drowning, this all could be in his best interest. Could this all be a lie? We may never know the truth, but we all hope Bobbi Kristina pulls through.

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