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Football, Making History Once Again.

Football is one of the major played sports in the United States. During the super bowl, companies pay to get their best commercials seen because they know it's an event that most of the United States is watching. With that being said, if you’d like to get a message address, during a football game is the way to go.

A message that is often being said but seems to be unheard is giving equality and justice to the black community, while police brutality continues to rise. In 2018, a cheerleader from the 49ers, decided to take a knee during the national anthem.

As some of you may know, so did Colin Kaepernick back in 2016 , who is the former quarterback of the 49ers. Some can argue that kneeling is disrespectful but to the community of color it’s powerful because it sends a message that they are not alone and they are heard. “When she took a knee, Morris did more than just unite with all the other athletes who have protested before her, she made an important point about all of the women in her line of work. The overly restrictive, underpaid working conditions are a season-long reminder to cheerleaders of just how replaceable they are.

These talented women are supposed to be so grateful for the opportunity that they'll fall in line with whatever their teams ask of them, no matter what. Kayla Morris is an essential reminder about the individuality and agency of these women.” Kayla Morris will be known as one of the first women that protested during a football game and not only did she kneel during the national anthem, but she did it twice, which is more than Kaepernick was able to do being as though he was released from his team for doing so.

According to KQED, Morris told the 49ers website “learned that it takes more than dance skills to be on this team. You learn how to represent yourself in a professional manner and become more confident in everyday life because you are surrounded by amazing women who are constantly encouraging each other."Not only was taking the knee powerful, but the fact that it was a cheerleader and not a player is even better because it’s more unexpected. One of the most unprotected people in the world are black women, and it’s seen in the media how we should fight for and uplift the men but the women deserve recognition and the same respect because they are victims just as well. It is with utmost respect for Kayla Morris to set an example for the young ladies watching her and knowing that if she, a cheerleader, can take a stand so can every other female.


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