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Reginae’s New Babies

Reginae Carter has been showing off on the ‘Gram lately and contrary to the haters, she has something new to flaunt. After photoshoots in sexy lingerie to bedazzling dresses, and her recent rekindling with ex-boyfriend YFN

YFN Lucci confirms the news for us.

Miss Carter confirms that she recently got breast implants after the swarms of questions under her post. She confirmed on multiple platforms as well. In a recent phone interview with Wendy Williams she says ”I did. I did get breast implants,”

Getting implants wasn’t an impulsive decision, Reginae has wanted to fix her breast since she was 16. Although her mom and dad, Toya Johnson & Lil Wayne advocated against it, once she was old enough to get it on her own, she did JUST that.

Fans were particularly keen to the new news as Reginae is a big advocate for “self-love”, in her defense she says:

”Like I said, accept your body for the way it is. And the way it is right now is some breast implants and I’m accepting my body for the way it is,” she explained. “I’m 21-years-old, there's a lot of things I said that I’m going to go back on. A lot of things I said I’m not going to do – I’m going to do it. I’m growing and everybody’s growing with me"

On the flip side, yall remember when Reginae tweeted that she would never date a man with kids again? Well turns out that tweet was just meant to be a draft because her and YFN Lucci have made the headlines again. The two were spotted this past weekend together at Zonique Pullins and rapper Bandhunta Izzy baby shower. The couple arrived and left together making yet another impression on the social scene. Although she “said what she said” I think it’s safe to say that she was too in love to fully let go.


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