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Raven Reviews on The Wiz

THE WIZ IS BACK!! THE WIZ IS BACK!!! For black culture, this is an exciting time. The Wiz is one of those movies black kids grow up on to get their black card. Like Roots, Madea movies or The Color Purple. But for our dear friend Raven Symone of course this is nothing of a disappointment for her. Lately Raven has been catching a lot of back fire for the uncensored things that has troubled many of us in the black community.

"It’s a hard act to follow" she said “I loved the costumes. I thought the singing on certain new songs and old songs were great, but on an overall, I just wanna say I miss the original people.” now this is the first thing raven has said that I did not quite disagree on. I understand how she feels, kind of like the nostalgia is lost with all the new-age tweaks. The songs had a little twist to them, the dances (dab), and of course the infamous todo. But these mere but small changes made The Wiz: Live the great success that it is. It was a great come back to the original and it is a great way for new-age children to get a taste of their cinematic history through their style of cinema taste. Good job The Wiz: Live!

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