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Lamar Odom gets second chance at playing Basketball!

Lamar Odom has some great news in store for him. He was offered a spot on a prestigious basketball team in Los Angeles called the Drew League.

The Drew League is a group of about six basketball teams that were started in 1973.

The purpose of the League is to encourage “young men and women of South Central Los Angeles to learn life lessons through basketball.”

He was extended this invitation by fellow basketball star, Baron Davis.

Despite what had happened in his spiral of last year, he told Entertainment Tonight,

“I still got it.” and has every intention to get back on the court and play.

Davis told TMZ Sports that he would reach out to “Lo” (Lamar) and see what he says since he wants to return anyway. We’re definitely hoping for a yes.

This could be a great return for him, on the court and in life. He can share his story, if need be, and remind others that life is precious and doing something such as basketball, or anything they love, can help them out of a bad light.

There are a few greats in this league such as Kobe Bryant and even James Harden, Lamar could be apart of that and make something out of it that’s very near and dear to him.

Hopefully he gives an answer soon. You go, Lamar!

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