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Rihanna & Roc Nation Got Sued?!

Nigeria is not happy with Rihanna and Jay-Z at the moment due to something fishy going on between the three of them and even the whole Roc Nation…

Back in May 2013, a concert promoter, Chris Ubosi in Nigeria payed an advance amount of $160,000 and signed a deal that Rihanna would perform for 65 minutes for a full price of $425,000. But that never happened. Apparently the show got “postponed” but no later date was ever spoken of.

So, the promoter asked for a refund and didn’t get anything in return. They then went to court and filed a lawsuit on Monday.

Come to find out, the people that Ubosi thought were people from the label were not…

A rep from Roc Nation stated that no one associated with them nor Rihanna and Roc Nation was ever in contact with Ubosi and no one from the label collected that money for the event.

Rihanna nor Jay-Z have responded to the incident, but we hope that some clarity is brought to light with this mistake.

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