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Smollett Siblings Land Cooking Series!

A few months ago we reported about Ayesha Curry’s new cooking show, “Ayesha’s Homeade, but it seems she isn’t the only star making their way to the Food Network. The Smollett clan has been taking over our tv screens and our hearts since they all appeared together in the television sitcom On Our Own in 1994 (even before then if you count their separate projects before the show). Well it looks like we’ll get a little reunion as all six have signed on for six half hour episodes of “Smollett Eats”. The series will showcase a few of the siblings’ favorite foods and recipes prepared by Jussie (Empire), Jurnee (Underground), Jake (Eve’s Bayou), Jocqui, JoJo, and sister Jazz. The show is said to premiere sometime this month.

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