Snapchat and Voter Registration, Together? Yes.

As a young person in today’s age, you should know how important it is to vote in this year’s presidential election. Your vote matters. Many different campaigns have been seen on the television screen, on the radio air waves, and through multiple social media outlets with creative ways to get your attention to what’s going on. Well, now Snapchat has hopped on the wave as well.

How you may ask? Well, Snapchat already, now, advertises in between the snap stories to inform of you multiple things, and it has already begun the voter registration urgency. If you feel as though you are too busy to get registered to vote, the creators of Snapchat and a company called, TurboVote has made sure it will only take you about a minute or so to set you up.

The registration page is actually located at the top where you can view the popular stories and discover page. All you do is look for “TurboVote” and follow the instructions that tell you to swipe up to start the registration process. You should see a 10-second video every once and again talking about voting and you just click there and you’re ready to go.

TurboVote states that no personal info you enter will be sold or released in any way shape or form.

So… GET TO THAT REGISTRATION PAGE NOW! The partnership through Snapchat will end in a few weeks on October 7, so get those fingers and tapping and do what’s important!

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