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Doc McStuffins Star Kiara Muhammad Sues Disney!

Anitra Muhammad, Guardian of Kiara Muhammad, who provides the voice for Disney’s Animated “Doc McStuffins” filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Disney claiming that Disney has failed to pay Kiara her share in merchandising revenue.

According to Muhammad’s complaint, Kiara has been signing single day contracts with Disney since 2010. A single day contract means a new agreement is signed each day and by the end of the day Muhammad’s employment is terminated.

The suit claims that the Muhammad’s have requested multiple day contracts instead of daily contracts but the defendants deny their request because it gives them the freedom to replace her at their will. The Muhammad’s also claim that the defendants have repeatedly failed to pay the young actress on time along without being compensated for merchandise revenue.

Muhammad is seeking breach of contract, and a dispute that exceeds $250,000 in unspecified damages. According to Disney spokeswoman the company doesn’t comment on pending legal matters as a matter of policy.

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