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Kevin Hart To Play Santa Claus in New Disney Film!

Comedian and actor, Kevin Hart, also known under the alias “The Funniest Man on the Planet” ; is set to make another acting debut as the one and only Santa Claus in a new Disney film called “Dashing Through the Snow”.

The storyline is set to be about a hard-working detective, who resides in New York City with his son. The problem is that, their relationship has been broken down due to the father working too much. The only thing the son can do to make up for the time lost is try to get his dad to see Santa Claus, so he can believe in Christmas magic.

Kevin Hart is supposed to play Santa Claus, so we can kind of see where this may play out, being that Hart is such a comedic character in almost anything he plays in.

The movie is being produced by a longtime friend and director of Hart, Will Packer.

As of now there has been no release date set for this movie.

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