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Attack in Manchester During Ariana Grande's Concert

Yet another terrible event has happened around the world. Pop star, Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, United Kingdom was bombed as the crowd began to leave the arena. The bombing reportedly killed 22 people including children, says There were short snapchat videos recorded showing people leaving the arena after hearing two loud "booms" and then people screaming and running to get out.

Ariana is torn apart by the events that took place at her concert. She tweeted, “broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words”. CNN has reported that, terrorist group, “ISIS” has already taken claim to the bombing. British police have identified the man suspected of carrying out the massacre as 22-year-old Salman Adebi.

As of now, Ariana’s reps say that the rest of her tour has been suspended. They want to "further assess the situation and pay proper respects to those lose". According to ETonline, Grande is willing to pay the funeral expenses for those lost in the bombing. Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May said Tuesday that the United Kingdom raised its terror level to “critical”, the highest category; meaning that another attack may be imminent. We offer our deepest sympathies to the families who lost someone in this tragic event. Also, to Ariana Grande who has to experience such a tragic event after a joyful occasion.

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