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Rob & Chyna: The Terrible Downfall (Part 1)

Everyone was thinking it, it was the first thing everyone thought when Rob Kardashian

and Blac Chyna came out as a couple, “She’s only doing this to get back at Tyga and Kylie”.

Then, she got a reality show and a beautiful baby girl out of the situation, but the (you know what) has hit the fan. Last Wednesday, Rob took to Instagram and then Twitte,r to air his and Chyna’s dirty laundry after finding out she’s been cheating on him repeatedly with several men.

So, Rob posted a video on Instagram of Chyna kissing another man while staring directly into the camera; he claims this video was sent to him right after he had just sent $250k worth of jewelry to her house. He then proceeded to exclaim that she needs to spend

more time with their daughter, Dream, instead of, “sleeping with this dude then me right

after”. Needless to say, he is very hurt and he did not come to play.

After his tirade on Instagram, Blac Chyna decided to step in and claim domestic abuse accusations. Rolling Stone quotes a video Chyna posted on snap chat saying, “Rob you did all this but you beat me up and try to act like it never happened. You put hands on me and I swear on God and my kids, but I’m supposed to keep quiet because you’re a Kardashian”.

Basically, it’s just a messy situation. TMZ reported that Rob is officially cutting Chyna off

after all this, 250k of jewelry, a Lamborghini, a house and body reconstruction surgery after their baby. Chyna apparently doesn’t care, though, and says as of now she won’t file for child support for Dream. TMZ also stated that Rob wants to raise their daughter and her son, King Cairo, is primarily being raised by his father, Tyga.

Numerous celebrities stepped in to say their piece on the situation: from VH1’s

Basketball Wives Tamie Roman, Snoop Dogg and even T.I.

Oh, but Rob was coming for everybody’s neck, not just Blac Chyna’s. After T.I. called him a "duck" on social media, Rob proceeded to share how T.I. had paid Chyna to have a threesome with him and Tiny.

T.I has since said nothing on the situation. The screenshots show it all, but hopes that these two can work everything out are seeming slim.

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