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One of Usher's herpes accusers is reconsidering going forward with her $20 million lawsuit after skipping out on a meeting with her attorney in the case.

Laura Helm's attorney, Lisa West, filed a motion Thursday to legally withdraw from the case, stating that she could no longer "effectively represent" her client. However, sources connected to Helm argues that she instead fired West.

Sources say that Helm is now uncertain about continuing the legal battle with Usher all together. The R&B singer’s team has already jumped to file a motion of dismiss and for now, Helm has until November 5 to respond.

Back in July, Helm said in her lawsuit she had unprotected sex with Usher which resulted in her contracting the disease. However, she was later found to have contradicted her own story during a phone conversation where she claimed that they always used condoms. Her “then” attorney, Lisa West, attempted to rectify the situation by claiming that Helm only lied because she suspected her publicist, Dennis Byron, with whom she spoke to on the phone, was trying to shop a story to the media about Usher having an affair.


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