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Magic has always been my thing. That’s why I get the weekly newsletter from “Magicians United”. Every Friday they send out different things that can help me become a better magician. I always try and get things that I think will make the clique girls like me. The clique girls are the most popular girls in school. There are four girls in the group: Lena, Rachel, Kyla, and Lindsey. Rachel is the queen B of the group. Ever since first grade, I’ve wanted her to like me. Every time I show them a new magic trick, they laugh at me. I do not understand it because all of my tricks are really cool.

Right when I got home from school today, I did my normal routine. This includes grabbing a snack and running to my room. I try to check my email as fast as I can. Trying to see what new magic supplies I could buy before anyone else. I scroll halfway through the list, without seeing anything that interests me. Then finally, I see an invisible sheet for sale. I click on it to make sure it’s accurate. The description reads “If you need a device that’ll stun everyone around you, this is the product for you”. Instantly, I was interested. Would this finally be the thing that gets me into the clique girls? I ordered it right away and it arrived the next day.

While getting ready for school, I packed the invisible sheet and made my breakfast. After getting off the bus, I tried to quickly find my soon to be friends. After looking around the whole cafeteria, I saw them! I walked over to the corner and put the sheet on. As I walk over, I tried to think about ways to get them to talk about me. Before I could even say anything, I heard Rachel say “You know that girl who is obsessed with magic? I think her name is Luna.” I get really excited when I hear my name. Then she says “Yeah, she’s super weird. I don’t know what it is about her.” I am so surprised to hear that. It dawns on me that I can get revenge. They can’t see me! I slap Rachel and watch as the rest of the clique girls look at her with great confusion. I walk away laughing to myself.

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