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Ava Duvernay Set To Direct 'New Gods'

The A Wrinkle in Time director Ava Duvernay is directing New Gods, and guess what? It’s a superhero movie. New Gods is a DC film created by the comic book Legend, Jack Kirby in 1971. It features some of their most popular characters outside of the Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman trinity; including Darkseid, his son Orion and Mister Miracle. The movie follows the success of Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman”, with it now being the second major movie directed by a woman. It will not, however, be connected to the other DC films.

New Gods is set to be one of three films which include Forever people and Mister Miracle. The Gods are housed by two at-odds planets: Beautiful New Genesis, ruled by Highfather, and Scorched Apokolips, ruled by Villainous Darkseid. Fans are looking forward to this film due to the top villain, Darkseid, not appearing as a villain in Justice League. It would now make sense considering that New Gods was being filmed while Justice League was in production. They will now anticipate who exactly this new character will be and will likely go and see the film to find out.

Warner Bros is taking action due to the under performance of Justice League. The studio has since reorganized the department of DC films by promoting Walter Hamada as President. They are hoping that this change will help them gain more control over their big screen efforts. Their announcement took a bit of attention away from Marvel Studios’ new Avengers: Infinity War trailer which dropped Friday morning. WB/DC is hoping Duvernay can deliver an outstanding film and that New Gods will be a classic.

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