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The Kid Found Love!

BJ the Chicago Kid's new EP The Opening Ceremony is an introduction to new love and its celebration. Being that he took a year and a half hiatus since his 2016 album In My Mind, his new EP is a look at what he went through or what gave him the influence to create.

His single “Going Once, Going Twice” talks about his new love interest being an upgrade from his last; listing off characteristics that make her the one. BJ the Chicago Kid’s sound is soulful yet appeals to the masses. “Rather Be with You” track #3 is an example of how his words illustrate a vintage feel while keeping it modern. Therefore this EP tease should be the beginning of the stories he shall tell of his recent experiences. The Opening Ceremony was released back in early May and is available on all music platforms. Listen to "Going Once, Going Twice" & "Rther Be With You" below!

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