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The Call

Host of the hit T.V show “Wild’n Out” and the star of the classic movie, “Drum Line,” Nick Cannon has been known to be very serious when it comes to music and business. Though, on his rap comedy show, his casts clowns and antagonizes him about how bad it is, that hasn't stopped him. Recently, Cannon released a project called, Calling All Models: The Prequel.” It features samples from artists like: Bryson Tiller, Usher, Brandy, and even Kanye West.

Nick Cannon isn’t known for his music, he’s known as a businessman and the man behind that hit show. In the past, Nick hasn’t been very praised when it comes to his music and even though his friends and co stars talk him down on it, he never let that stop him from releasing projects. The project features the word, “Call” in every song and then ending it with a 16 minute track called, “The Last Call.” It’s clear that Nick Cannon is calling his audience to listen to what he has to say, hopefully he’s not “Wild’n.”

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