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Queen Naija first became known when she rose to fame from her video blogging series on Youtube but she made her debut in the music game with a song titled “Medicine.” This song wasn’t just a hit, it was a heartbreak anthem with the ladies! We had our fingers crossed that she wouldn’t just be a one hit wonder, and just our luck, she sure wasn’t. Queen Naija released a five track EP titled “Queen Naija.” This EP featured her song “Medicine” and also another hit by the name of “Karma.”

We all know the definition of Karma is what goes around comes around and Queen explains just that. She says that this song is all about someone doing you dirty after you’ve done everything in your power to satisfy them but good thing there’s karma. They’ll eventually get what they deserve. In the music video for this hot track, Queen Naija enters the recording studio, Capital Records Studio A, and begins singing her heart out! You know when someone sings a song and you can feel the pain in their voice but the song is just 10 times better because they put so much into it? This is one of those! If you haven’t already checked out her EP, do that now! If you haven’t checked out her video, do that next!

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