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The King is Back!

Rap mogul T.I. has been able to stay above water when it comes to the rap industry. But the OG isn’t just classified as a rapper, he also is credited as an actor, entrepreneur, and voice of the cultured people. T.I recently just signed with Epic records on September, 7th and this celebratory is not only about the transition, but Epic records hold a pretty epic roster. Why not be somewhere with peers that are on the top, consistently. And to celebrate his welcome, he dropped two-tracks with features from Meek Mill and Yo Gotti.

The song with Meek Mill is titled “Jefe” and is a banger. The Spanish horns mixed with trap beats and boastful lyrics holds a statue of confidence. “Jefe” also has a visual that was released on September 12th that continued the Spanish culture, with the day of the dead as the theme.

The second track with Yo Gotti is titled “Wraith”, another banger. T.I. showcases how he still does what he does no matter what, and illustrates a flow that sounds old but fresh while Yo Gotti is bringing that bounce factor. These two tracks released on Epic speculates that his anticipated album The Dime Trap is on its way. You can stream both songs on all media platforms and watch “Jefe” on YouTube.


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