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“Creed 2” Movie Review

The movie Creed 2 came into theaters November 21st, which is a sequel to Creed and also a continuance to the old movie series Rocky. I can honestly say this movie was enjoyable, and for me to not even care for action movies, I really enjoyed watching. It was so good to watch that I couldn’t even fully take the notes that I needed for the review because I kept getting sidetracked from wanting to watch the movie! But being that I watched this movie to review it, I took notice of everything and noticed a whole lot.

As I stated above, I really did enjoy watching Creed 2; there were a lot of great messages given off and the graphics were phenomenal. Creed 2 might be an action film, but there were a lot of inspirational messages as well. Adonis Creed, the main character of the movie, showed us that family is important. When Adonis Creed was challenged by Vitkor Drago, son of the man that killed Creed’s father, Adonis didn’t have the support from his wife, mother, or even his trainer, which he calls his uncle, Rocky Balboa. Because of the lack of support from his family, Adonis came into the fight with the wrong mindset costing him to get badly beat up, and almost making him lose his heavyweight championship title. It wasn’t until the end, when he had all of his family back on his side and in his corner where he defeated Drago and kept his title as champion. Another great thing about the movie was the graphics. Each fight resembled graphics of a UFC fight on a video game, which to me was amazing. They played some fighting moves in slow motion, letting the audience see every angle and every movement made after each punch. The camera angles made it so you saw up close of the sweat and blood on Adonis and Drago. It was just remarkable; it was during those parts where my eyes were just completely glued to the screen.

With every great movie comes improvements, and I can say that I noticed a lot of things when I putted on my “reviewing” glasses. One thing I noticed was that if you aren’t familiar with the Rocky Balboa series then you wouldn’t really understand just how important and significant this movie is. Now, I did, because when I was younger I loved watching the Rocky movie series with my brother. So with that being said, if somebody in the audience did not know anything about the Rocky series, they would miss out on just how important it was for Rocky to return to be Adonis’ trainer after he left him during the first fight. A person wouldn’t see the importance of Viktor Drago winning a fight, or why Viktor’s father, Ivan Drago, pushed his son so hard. See, without watching the Rocky series, a person just wouldn’t know how important the clips in Creed 2 were.

Another thing that I can say about the movie was that it was extremely predictable. As stated earlier, this movie went along with the Rocky movie series; but it especially replicated Rocky IV where Rocky fought Ivan Drago, and won. It replicated the movie so badly, that I literally knew everything that was going to happen next. Adonis, after losing his first fight, was taken to a desert place to retrain and get prepared for his fight; just like Rocky did when he was about to fight Ivan. The only way Drago would agree to fight Adonis again, is only if Adonis agreed to have the fight in Russia; which is exactly what happen in Rocky IV. Viktor Drago, unlike Adonis, had no family support and if he lost the fight he would be outlawed by the people of Russia; which is the same predicament his father was in during Rocky IV. There were ALOT more similarities in addition to those I mentioned. During both movies the final fight reaches past round ten, Adonis appeared to almost lose the fight, but managed to win in the end, and keep his title as champion; just like in Rocky. So it wasn’t hard to know what was going to happen next, meaning there was absolutely no suspense in the movie whatsoever.

Creed 2 is a great movie for the family and for any action-packed movie critics out there. It received a 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, and many star reviews from other famous critics. But the only way to know for yourself is to head on down to the movie theatres, order some popcorn, and watch it for yourself!

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