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Aria and Young Ma

Ever lost your woman to a woman? Chicago rapper, G Herbo, is currently undergoing that problem right now as rumors circle social media that his ex-girlfriend/baby mother is allegedly dating rapper Young M.A.

Ariana Fletcher, baby mother of G Herbo, has her 1.3 million Instagram followers and the rest of the world anxious to know if this rumor is true or not. Fletcher may not be a rapper, but she gains publicity from co-founding a hair company called KYCHE Extensions, being a model, and having many business ventures. Just recently, Fletcher participated in rapper Nicki Minaj’s new music video for her song Good Form. And she’s also famous for, well, dating G Herbo.

The two were dating for an estimated four years, and just recently welcomed a baby boy named Yoshon Santana Wright on April 11th of this year. One can say they were “couple goals”, but that all fell apart around September, when it was rumored that G Herbo was cheating on Aria with rapper Fabolous’ step daughter, Taina Williams. Fletcher, one can say, went on a rant on Instagram saying some pretty nasty things about G-Herbo. One of her post stated: “I ain’t with none of that sh*t you rocking with. Do not f**king come around me ever again!!! You a dumb a** b*tch.” It was confirmed that the two were officially broken up when Fletcher posted a picture of her nails that said “thug life” and the first sentence of her caption stated “I’m single”.

It was just recently, as in December 9th, that Instagram received a hint that rapper and producer of the hit song “OOOUUU”, Young M.A., and Fletcher was dating. Young M.A. posted a video of herself with the caption “You make me happy baby” followed by a smiley face. Fletcher commented “Me?” and Young M.A. replied back with a smiley face. The two have also been spotted in two more videos, one where they’re appearing to be in the same club together, and another being a boomerang with the two sitting beside one another.

Fletcher has a big decision to make; will she revert back and be team #AriHerbo again or is it time to test out new waters and become team #AriYoungMA? One can say, that Instagram and the rest of the world is ready to know her decision!

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