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Black Ink Crew Chicago

A new season of Black Ink Crew Chicago has started and the first episode the tea was already brewing and we are jumping into a hectic season with our Windy City Crew, with returning cast members Ryan, Don, Phor, Charmain, Lilly, and Van just to name a few, and new members of the 9Mag crew, the season started off with a bang. The ending of last season Ryan came in and took over what Loyal Ink thought was their shop, and has made a new and improved shop and added a couple more people to the 9Mag family, including Lilly and Phor who have joined back with Ryan at 9Mag. Since Ryan took back over the Shop Don, and Van are trying to figure out how to keep the money coming in as the won't be tattooing for the meantime, and luckily for Charmaine WGCI has been treating her well, but Don is feeling betrayed by his brothers as he was going to take over management for Loyal Ink at the time the Ryan and Phor walked in together saying that the shop was back in Ryan Possession, causing Don to feel like nobody cared about his position or to give him a heads up that they would be coming in and taking the shop back over but after having a conversation with both Ryan and Phor, they settled their differences and Ryan offered Don to come back to 9Mag and be apart of the team again and Tattoo with them and he accepted the offer. Not everyone is having luck getting back in Ryan good graces, Van is still on Ryan’s hit list and Van is heated, he’s sick of everyone else getting apologizes and he has yet to receive one, after all he did helping Ryan create 9Mag he says. When he hears Lilly will be having a party for her birthday and it's open invitation, him and his girlfriend Jane show up and things don't turn out so good, soon as the two arrive Jane gets into it with Lily after a prior altercation between the two about Van and the two are at each other necks, creating koas, which does not make the conversation with Ryan that Van wanted have so easy as tempers are already flying and Ryan doesn't have anything to say to Van which makes him madder and the two almost get into a altercation but after police show up Van and Jane leave the party and Ryan is more than happy to be glad he left Van behind. Even though Ryan professional life are having their highs and lows, his love life with longtime girlfriend seem to have come to a end as the two has been struggling with some past problems they have had and have decided to go their separate ways. This is just the beginning for this new season of Black Ink Crew Chicago and we are in for a lot more drama this season so make sure you stay tuned every Wednesday on VH1.

If you haven't seen it yet, Here's a sneak peak!

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