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Bennett College Remains Open

Bennett College has not only reached but exceeded their fundraising goal ,and is set to remain on track with keeping their accreditation. Bennett College received over 8.2 million dollars and donations from staff ,alumni and students not only from Bennett but from their HBCU sisters and brothers as well. After facing financial issues that threatened its status as an accredited school, Bennett College may be saved following a strong social media push for its fundraising campaign. The Stand with Bennett social media took flight mere days after the news of Bennett College being in jeopardy of losing its accreditation . A Monday tweet from the North Carolina school’s official account confirmed that they had raised $8.2 million, far surpassing the $5 million fundraising goal. The North Carolina school, one of only two all-women’s HBCUs, had its

accreditation on track to be revoked (pdf) by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges after apparently nofulfilling an expectation that the school have “sound financial resources and a demonstrated, stable financial base to support the mission of the institution and the scope of its programs and services.”Bennett college received more than 11,000 donors and counting his is a demonstration of what we as african american community can do if we band together and support each other. President Dawkins gave an address to all the donors some alumni of other schools who have various dealings with Bennett. We have escaped the diminishing of our history this time another HBCU has been preserved and maintained .The donors Dawkins described included a “North Carolina Central University graduate who was furloughed during the government shutdown but still made a contribution to Bennett,” along with “Erwin Montessori students from right here in Greensboro who collected about $72 in quarters to help us out this just proves that our HBCUS are very important we stick together because we don't have a choice so many of our schools are on the historical register and many people don't know that .Closing down these buildings or schools is akin to tearing down american history and african american culture and in these current dangerous times with an obviously racist president our history is even more in danger of being erased . i notice in the scholastic world our schools tend to be at a higher risk for lost of accreditation compared to local PWIS who have an influx of money pouring into the school through grants and alumni and things of that nature and it could be said that higher tuition rates may also contribute to the cash influx into said PWI. We as an african american and we must uplift and encourage ourselves and do what is needed together to support our communities and universities because quite frankly when we attend HBCUS they already look at us in different demographic so we should just change the narrative and should the, that our HBCUs can operate on the same levels as an PWIS.

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