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Brian McKnight’s R&B Comeback in 2019

Releasing his track last fall “42 (Grown Up Tipsy)”, R&B veteran Brian McKnight returns with a follow up for 2019 with his new single entitled, “When I’m Gone.” The “Let it Snow” artist is restoring the concept of grown and sexy R&B songs that women went crazy over for years. “When I’m Gone” gives us every bit of that and more. Its slow, sultry, and pure emotion is a trademark of Brian McKnight’s reputation for his successful ballads. His new single is so true to his sound and voice with a gentle piano accompany and thumping R&B bass.

McKnight is known for being an urban R&B singer that sings with so much passion. He offers a sound that both older and younger generation women can appreciate. His tender talk about his lover and how much they miss each other when they’re apart in “When I’m Gone” has his classic sound that never falters or changes. It’s nice to hear new artist with new sounds but McKnight’s return to the music industry is refreshing for true R&B lovers. The official visuals for “When I’m Gone” will dropped on Vevo, Friday, March 1. “When I’m Gone” and “42 (Grown Up Tipsy)” will also appear on his upcoming 14th studio album.

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