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The Legendary Jon B and Donell Jones new ballad “Understand”

Jon B and Donell Jones have returned with the 90s R&B sound waves with new song, “Understand”.

Jon B, exclusively known for his R&B hits "They Don't Know" and “Someone To Love" has collaborated with smooth 90’s R&B veteran Donell Jones.

Jones is infamously known for his classics "U Know What's Up" and "Where I Wanna Be". He also is remembered for his cover of the Legendary Stevie Wonder’s “Knocks Me Off My Feet”. The style of the track is an easy fusion of the 90’s and modern R&B.

Jon B and Donell Jones blend together perfectly on the romantic ballad. The visuals are a throwback concept. The cinematography has a simplicity, showing the two men singing their hearts out in different scenes along with clips back and forth between a woman dancing seductively.

The song “Understand” is one of the many tracks this year catering to the return of sweet serenading R&B with its meaningful lyrics, slow tempos, and sentimental undertones. “Understand” is the first single from Jon B’s next upcoming album. Donell Jones is also working on another album as well. It is safe to say that the R&B is being beautifully revamped and inspired with classic sounds and voices again. So, stay tuned for new music updates from both Jon B and Donell Jones this year. Check out “Understand” below!

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