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Makeup Tips for Eye shadow

1. Always apply eye shadow primer to prevent your shadows from creasing.

2. Do your eye shadow makeup before your face makeup. This way if you have fall out from the shadow, you can easily wipe it away and still have a clean surface for your face makeup.

3. After applying primer, get a fluffy small brush and place setting powder to the lid. This helps with a smoother application for the eye shadow products

4. Apply a transition shade. This transition shade is any neutral color for your skin color. a transition shade helps colors blend better and appear seamless. Any bronzer you use on your face is a great transition shade.

5. When applying eye shadows, tap the excess off.

6. To get a pigmented shade on your lid, use a flat brush on the lid to apply the product.

7. Use a setting spray for a more intense look.

8. Make sure to blend, blend, blend!

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