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Kelly Rowland Drops New EP

Kelly Rowland recently dropped her new EP this past week called The Kelly Rowland Edition. The project consists of three tracks which are "Don't You Worry", "Diamonds", and "See Me." The short EP was very versatile. Each song had a completely different sound and gave off a different vibe. The only thing that the songs had in common was that Kelly's angelic vocals flowed perfectly on them.

Since the female population has agreed that it is a “Real Hot Girl” type of summer, Kelly Rowland gave us some love songs for when we're ready to be boo'd up again in the fall. The first song, "Don't You Worry" has a real smooth, nostalgic 90's type of beat. The next song is "Diamonds." This one is slower than the first, but it still gives off a nice, "I'm in love" type of feel. The EP comes to an end with the last song, "See Me." This track gave off a more subtle "Motivation"-like vibe. It's nice to see Kelly Rowland back on the scene releasing solo music again. Overall, if you want to listen to a romantic body of music, check out her new EP "The Kelly Rowland Edition." It's worth all ten minutes of your time and it is available on all streaming platforms

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