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Deadly Dispatch Interview Recap

TV One presents a month of “Love, Lies & Murder” inspired by True Crime Stories. Deadly Dispatch is a TV One original movie that’s wraps up the murder mystery month. Deadly Dispatch focuses on salon owner Tiffany (Tamala Jones) and her life long best friend Shawn (Bone Crusher) who has a struggling taxi business. With Shawn being mysterious murdered Tiffany takes matters into her own hands and becomes more suspicious of Shawn’s wife Amber (DomiNque Perry). Tune in to TV One this Sunday July 28 at 8/7c to watch Deadly Dispatch. The Divah Filez will be streaming live as well.

Many of you may recognize Jones from The Wood, The Brothers, Booty Call and or Two Can Play That Game where she’s continuing to perfect her craft of acting. Perry is best known for her role in HBO’s Insecure as she makes a name for herself in Hollywood as she stars in Rel on Fox and Snowfall on FX.On July 26th myself (Che’mari Kent) and my fellow team mate Arion McCullough was able to converse with the two leading ladies of the film, Tamala Jones and DomiNque Perry via a media conference call. The 15 minute call consisted of a tag team interview conducted by Arion and I.

Che’mari Kent: Being that The Wood is my favorite movie, what are some similarities/differences from The Wood, Two Can Play That Game, and The Brothers to your role in Deadly Dispatch?

Tamala Jones: Those roles were pretty similar, I played the crazy girlfriend/friend and although I do some crazy things in this movie, my role was something serious being that this was based off a true story.

C.K.: What was the initial reaction when you got the call for this gig?

T.J: I was excited, I’ve always been a fan of crime shows, I love the ID channel and Fatal Attraction so to do this was different for me.

C.K.: Is your character Tiffany someone you can relate to in real life; was it hard adjusting to being Tiffany?

T.J: Yes, if this happended to one of my friends I know I’d be the one to go to the extreme to try and help solve the murder. The role cme naturally, being that I’ve watched crime shows and with this being a real situation I just tried to myself in Tiffany’s shoes as much as possible being that I didn’t get a chance to meet the real Tiffany

C.K: Did Tiffany always suspect Amber?

T.J: No, she only suspected Amber at they were at the hospital and then again at the funeral home. Amber’s words and actions wasn’t one like a grieving widow.

C.K.: How was your character able to balance the murder of your bestfriend and your martial issue?

T.J.: It was an even balance, Jay Jones who plays my husband Lawerence made it easy on set, we laughed the entire time filming,

C.K: As we wrap up one last question, what’s next for Tamala Jones?

T.J: I’ll be in holiday movie called Holiday Rush which will be out on Netflix around Christmas time. I’ll also be recurring on CBS in SEAL Team playing as Sergeant Gunnery Miller. (Instagram: tamjones1 Twitter: tamalajones)

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