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Real Hot Girl Sh*t

Hot Girl, Megan thee Stallion recently filed to trademark her phrase “Hot Girl Summer”. The Hot Girl/Hot Boy phrase became popular over the last couple of months. It turned into a game of Hot Girls vs. City Boys. Coach Meg says that Hot Girl Summer it is.

“Just being you, you just having fun. It’s turning up, driving the boat and not giving a damn about what nobody’s saying”.

Celebrities like Jordyn Woods and Jada Pinkett, etc have used the phrase as captions on their Instagram and Twitter pictures. Brands like Forever 21, Maybelline, and Wendy’s starting using the phrase in headlines and emails.

When a fan asked her if she would be trademarking the phrase, she replied:

“Yes Ma'am, It’s been in the process”

The trademark was filed early July. It will include sportswear and other clothing items.

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