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Syleena Johnson Inks signs Contract with Entertainment One Nashville!!!

On July 26, 2019 Entertainment One Nashville debuts their newest signee, the Grammy- nominated recording artist, daytime television host, also known as the “Queen of Chicago”, the one and only Syleena Johnson. Her 10th Album soon to be released in fall 2019, titled WOMAN.

Jonhnson declares 2019 to be “the year of the woman”. I don’t know about you but as young woman, I take this as motivation to put my best foot forward. Even if that means stepping outside my comfort zone. Syleena is an inspiration to women everywhere to secure their peace, to be bold and stand up for themselves. In an interview Johnson stated, “I am proud that the WOMAN album has found a new home with Entertainment one.” She also goes on to thank Entertainment one for helping her bring the project to life. Not only is Johnson an actor, singer, and songwriter. In 2018 she decided to take on the title of author. She released a self-help book called “The Weight is Over”. She writes on her personal journey to self-love, while dealing with her insecurities in the process. With nine albums, a Grammy nomination, and four MTV VMA nominations under name I think we can all agree that Syleena is a woman that is driven and motivated to keep stepping outside the norm to go for the things she wants. At the same time she is an inspiration to women to do the same. Be bold, be brave, and be fearless. In need of some daily motivation? Check out Syleena Johnsons’ “WOMAN”, you will not be disappointed.

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